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Never enough puzzles!

Five puzzle games in one sounds like an essential addition to your Playdate. Choose between three original songs and play better with a warm beverage.


An infinite shape-matching puzzle. A new shape appears with every movement.


A different approach to the classic Tetris Attack. It's frenetic and relaxing in equal parts.


Yes, it is a 2D Rubik's cube. Much easier to solve but still satisfying.


There is something magical about not knowing what is going to happen.


The classic sliding puzzle that (not) everyone loves!

Made with Pulp and Pulp Mill.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorVisual Other
Tags1-bit, Playdate
Average sessionA few minutes


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Hey there! First want to say that I love these! You've done a great job making some puzzle games that don't feel derivative, and that's no small feat!

I've played Pairs and Gravity quite a bit, and in general, really enjoy the gameplay in both of them, but I think they both suffer from the same problem: they are too easy. Does the difficulty change at all as you progress in either game? I could imagine introducing more block types to make it more difficult, or introducing more blocks sooner as the score progresses.

I have another feature request (that is actually related): session saving. I went back to the home screen from my first play of Gravity with a score in the thousands (but nowhere near ending the game), and was disappointed that the game didn't save my progress.

I think it's worth asking yourself what the target gameplay length is for a session. If you want the user to be able to play indefinitely, that's probably okay, but then you need to save the game when they exit, I think. But my preference is to aim for shorter play, so the user can feel a sense of mastery as they get better and have higher and higher scores.

Hi Martin! Thank you for your feedback, I think you make some good points. Saving the game session is not supported in Pulp for now but like you I think it these games should aim for shorter sessions.

I don’t have a Playdate yet but hopefully I’ll receive it next week. That’s why in Gravity I was afraid the gameplay could feel very different using the D-Pad comparing to the simulator. Once I can test it myself I can introduce a progressive increase in speed, which I think would be the best solution for this.

In Pairs it could be that now it takes some time to reach the point where it gets trickier, so introducing extra blocks in each board from the beginning could make things more interesting.

Crossing my fingers you get yours next week!

I'm super impressed that these were made in pulp! I've been reading a bit about the saving situation... I mean, you are clearly saving the high scores, right? What if you had a menu item that was save and quit and set a "game in progress" variable, then took you back to the home screen? Then on the home screen you'd check for the variable and the only option there would be to resume the game in progress? Dunno, I'm sure it's not exactly that simple, but at present it makes Gravity almost unplayable for me, because if I start it up, my Playdate is a dedicated Gravity machine until I die on purpose. :D


Mmm maybe there is something I can do about it :) I think it won't work if you quit the game through the menu button but it should be possible to save in-game and quit after that as you suggest, yeah :D

Also, I'm embarrassed to admit, but how do you move the figures in the right box in Mimed? I can only move them in the left box. What am I missing?

Oh, don't be, there is no instructions anywhere 😅In Mimed you need to make the left box to look like the right one.

OH my gosh, now I feel really stupid! LOL thank you for the "hint"!

All I can say is that I'm ADDICTED to Gravity, big time, same as I was Tetris Attack and Yoshi's Cookie. LOVE it and congrats on the title! Fun stuff.

Haven't played any of these before, they're all pretty cute. (And the music is rad.) However, losing on Pairs seems to crash my playdate without fail. It freezes and the system will show a screen saying "sorry, your playdate has crashed," restarting the entire system afterwards. 

Thanks for letting me know! I will check it to fix it as soon as possible. Do you know if your record was saved before crashing?

This should be fixed with the new update, thanks again for reporting the bug!

Neat..thanks for your game.

Hope you enjoy it!